Hi there, you foreign speaking person!

Good news for you, because our second documentary ‘Unbound’ has English subtitles now as well!

It took us a while and we translated ourselves. We are no native speakers, so there might be a view faults here and there. BUT, the main point is that you can now see √°nd understand our documentaries! The first one also has subtitles.

You can buy or rent our film on Vimeo with this link:

and you can easily select the subtitles in the player.

Forgot what the film was about? Look at the trailer or read the explanation below:

We (Roel and Carlijn) are looking for a different way of life: How we can we live more consciously and more self sufficient, without isolating ourselves from society? We share our search with you in a documentary series.

In this new documentary we show the lives of three young people who inspire us: Jorn, Marin and Kees. They choose to work and live in a different way. They lead by example and show us what we can do when the pressure of working, achieving, earning and spending does not give us satisfaction or happiness.


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